The Bridge Revamped!
For now, this server has been shutdown!

About the server is a reboot project from some former team-members from McGamerZone, aiming to create the ultimate version of the game we all like to play.

Founded by D0ublek1ll and assisted by many other familiar faces, we strive to evolve our favorite minigame to new levels.
We already have 2 extra amazing maps, some new functionality and a lot of goodwill and time. Come take a look for yourself at

All that we love and so much more!

On McGamerZone we had plans to evolve The Bridge into a world-class minecraft minigame, adding plenty of features and new & interesting game mechanics.


The community decides what gets added, changed and removed. We don't take a step in any direction without our players.

Join our Discord server to help us decide what's next!