Server rules

For players and staff

Every community needs a set of rules, it helps maintain order and purpose and allows the players to know what they can expect from a community and their staff.

1. Do not hack / cheat
We see hacking or cheating as doing something other people do not have the ability to do, this includes toggle's for things such as sprinting and sneaking, or tool assisted combat
2. Behave yourself
Don't say or do anything that causes others to lose their fun in the game. Its all about fun, we want everyone to get their fix of it.
3. Don't spam
If people don't respond, that usually means they're not reading your messages or they don't want to reply. In any case, spamming isn't helping and is just annoying the people who do read your messages.
4. uSE CapItaL lETteRs iN A normal wAY.
Really, if you don't people will think you're retarded, and you might get kicked, muted or even banned.
5. If something bothers you, report it to staff.
Bugs, annoying players, glitches, annoying staff... It can all happen, just tell @Staff on discord and we'll do our best to sort it out. Don't try to fix it on your own.
6. Keep it safe for work.
Its a game, kids play this. Keep it appropriate for any age. So no political debates, no explicit pictures or video's or messages. No violence.. Or any other kind of harmful content. You get it?.. Good.
7. Listen to staff.
Sometimes staff may direct you to do or do not something that is not listed in the rules, we try to be fluent in our moderation.. this means that even if things are not explicitly forbidden by the rules.. If it goes to far, it needs to stop. This doesn't mean staff can allow you to break the rules, rules that are written here are set in stone. Nobody can except you from them.
8. Report abuse.
Staff abusing their privilages? Record it or screenshot it, make sure the abuse is clearly visible, we will make sure it is handled appropriately. Send it to @D0ublek1ll in Discord DM, not in this discord server directly.
9. Be nice, please?
Just don't harrass others, in any way, its a game.. If you have a fight with someone, don't do it on our platforms, shout at them in DM or something.. Just don't do it here. Thnx